Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I tend to do better with things when I plan them out. I have always been that way. I need to think things through, or at least come up with an idea of what to do and how to go about it. BUT...life with a baby has a way of making it hard to stick to the plans you have made!

Today I plan on the usual-straightening up the kitchen, going through paperwork and cleaning off the buffet, showering, playing with baby, doing some laundry, putting it away--normal stuff. I also am meeting two or three other moms out at an indoor playground so the kiddos can crawl around and play (the mosquitoes are too bad at the parks we normally go to). I am going to get another walk in, perhaps with the baby in the Ergo carrier and the dog on his leash, I need to deep clean our upstairs bathroom, and go to the bookstore. We'll see how those go!!! Oh, and of course, my Zumba class tonight!!!

Being a mom has taught me that flexibility is something that is required in my life. You can plan to get stuff done, but the needs of the adorable little person who depends on you take priority over your plans. Heck, its not necessarily even the needs...its the WANTS of that little person! Haha!

I will be happy if ultimately I can shower, get my walk in, clean the bathroom, get the kitchen to a point where its tolerable (meaning dishes done and counter cleaned, maybe floor mopped), go on the playdate, and fold the laundry. Everything else can wait!


  1. you are a better girl than I. I hope you got it all done! Flexibility is key!

  2. Everything but the laundry got done! Now to do it all over again!