Sunday, September 19, 2010

Its in how you look at things...

A week ago, we spent an overnight in Lake Placid, NY for my husband's birthday. I made sure we got a lakeside room, one that overlooked beautiful Mirror Lake. I was a bit nervous because the baby had been giving me a rough time at night, and he had upped his game in the past few days, to the point where I was getting just a couple of hours of sleep at a time.

Saturday night was rough, I had expected that. Strange place, pack n play, etc. Add into the newly reached milestone of crawling and attempting to pull up and a really long nap on the drive up, AND being on a nebulizer filled with Albueterol (for bronchiolitis) I just knew it was going to be rough. Now normally, the little man will sleep till 7:30 no matter what. Or at least let me sleep till then.
Sunday morning, after being up two or three times with him, he decided that 5:45 a.m. was a GRAND time to wake up. I groaned, and tried to get him back to sleep. Nope. Nothing was getting this kid back to sleep. I sighed, made my coffee, made a bottle and watched as a purple tinge took over the sky. I was getting to watch the sunrise! I got my camera out, and went onto the balcony to take some pictures, and enjoyed the quiet time with my son. It was the best sunrise I had seen in a long time...heck, it was the ONLY sunrise I had seen in a LONG time.

I had planned to get up early to watch it, and take some pictures, but had set my alarm to 6:30. I thought that would have been good enough. As the brilliant reds and purples and oranges faded to that early morning blue, I noted the time-6:25. I would have missed the sunrise if the baby had let me sleep. I hugged him, and was grateful to have seen one of nature's most splendid shows, in a gorgeous area.

I could have grumbled and complained and been unhappy, but who could be unhappy with a snuggly baby boy, a view like that, and a good cup of coffee?


  1. Beautiful sunrise! What a blessing God gave you to make up for the lack of sleep :-)

  2. Mary, I agree. I kept remembering that during the day, and when the baby kept me up till 2 a.m. the next morning. It was rough, but I kept the image in my mind, and remembered that my baby boy is the biggest blessing in my life.