Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting organized!

I have finally decided to work on organizing my photos.  I started this project a LONG time ago, but got sidetracked by life, as happens with many (most?) of my projects.

My first step is to transfer all my photos from my laptop to my portable hard drive.  My second step will be to go through the folders and delete those pictures that are not very good.  After that, I will print out lots and lots of pictures, because what good to they do sitting on my little hard drive?  I want to be able to look through albums with friends and family and giggle about the silly things we were wearing, and the antics we pulled.

I got inspired to do this last year, a couple of times, and then again this year.  The first time I got inspired was when we visited our friends Gina and John at their home on Long Island.  She pulled out photo albums from when we were in college, and it was fun to reminisce.  She was always SO good at keeping photo albums!

The second time I got inspired to do this was after my father in law passed away.  All 8 Stacy kids made it for the funeral, and the family and extended family had a good time looking through the pictures.  It was nice to see Dad and the family during happier times.  There were holiday celebrations, birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, and just random pictures.

I got inspired a third time when my brother in law was visiting in September.  He pulled out the photo albums and showed pictures of his childhood to his girlfriend, it was her first visit with the family, and there were many people whom she was not going to get the chance to meet.

Since then I have started printing out photographs (just 4x6's) and putting them in an album.  I hope to fill that one up and get another one filled.  I have lots of empty albums lying around, I hope to fill them all up with memories so that one day, my boy and his girlfriend (or wife) can look at them and smile.

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