Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to your roots

On Wednesday night, I had the unique opportunity to go back to my roots-go back about 10-15 years and hang out with friends and see one of my favorite, Phish, play in my hometown. 

It was a great show.  First and foremost because it was a reunion with some friends.  I hadn't seen one of them in four years, and five years for the other two.  Lots has changed in our lives since the last time we were all together.  We have mellowed, in some ways, like a fine wine-or maybe a better analogy would be we have aged well, like a good whiskey.  Our lives have changed-one of us became a homeowner for the first time a couple years ago, the other two got married (to each other) about six weeks ago, and I became a mommy almost 10 months ago.  But, some things never change-that we were able to hang out and have fun together!

The show was amazing.  It was a tiny venue.  It had been TEN YEARS, yes, a DECADE since I had seen them live.  Just life got in the way of hitting shows.  Plus, two breaks for the band kind of put a damper on things.  My lifestyle has changed drastically in those ten years.  I have gone from the carefree, single, hippie girl who was just out of college to the married mommy who takes care of a household, bills, and the two most important men in her life.  But as soon as we got to the parking lot, and saw everyone just hanging out and having a good time, part of that carefree hippie girl came right back.  I guess she wasn't hiding too far below the surface. 

I chatted with the guy next to me a bit.  He had been hitting shows since 1993, three years before I started seeing them.  We both agreed that THIS was THE show to hit out of the fall tour.  And that they were playing the way we remembered them playing "back in the day".  After the show we introduced ourselves to each other and he asked if me and my friends were going out after the show.  I said that we weren't as I had to get home to my husband and baby who were waiting for me.  In another life, the answer would have been different and my friends and I would have hit up the Electric Company and other bars on Varick Street.  That's a sign that the carefree hippie girl is not here anymore.  

During the show, I danced and danced and danced.  I danced because I needed to.  I danced because I wanted to.  I danced really hard because I don't know when my next chance will be to see this band live.  I sure hope its not ten years. I sure hope its not five years before I see my friends again.

I think its important for everyone to go back to their roots at some point, especially if they have experienced a lifestyle change.  Its important because it helps you remember those experiences that shaped you into who you are, it helps you realize that some things don't change, and that more importantly, some things do change, but just get better with age. 

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